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Stumbled across Truck Off from the Katbox main page. Just binged and caught up. Digging the story. So many webcomics are set way in the future, or in some otherworldly universe. Very cool to read one set in the recent past. Especially one that gets the details correct (my car geek grinned reading about Gloria and the open diff on the bus). Can’t wait to see what shenanigans are coming down the road, especially when Gloria brings her friends around.

eheheh you’ll have a looooot of technical stuff at disposal during the comic ;D If you’re a car geek, you’ll apreciate!
Even more if you’re a car geek and an anthro art lover… and vintage stuff lover! 😀

Have you ever seen “Convoy” the movie? 🙂 The setting (not the story, except for some detail) takes inspiration from that movie!

Sweet! It’s been a while, but I’ve seen Convoy a few times. I was born in ‘71, so I grew up being fully aware of small-town 70s trucking culture. Convoy, BJ and the Bear, Smoky and the Bandit, all of that was my jam, and it fit well with my Hot Wheels and Matchbox car geek childhood. This is gonna be fun!