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Heh, friend of mine was only 5′ (literally 5’0″) and used to drive Japanese tourists down to see the penguins in a 22 seater bus. When her boss upgraded to a 45 seater he thought she’d be unable to drive it but she still did. The seat was at lowest and closest possible position and her feet were very much like Gloria’s… only just able to max travel the pedals.

Short jokes got a very similar response from her as well!

Nice bus. Not familiar with the type, drivers side door??? Now is time for the wrecker to hook up, with out getting stuck itself, or.. maybe a couple of lengths of Masden mat, the stuff they used to make airstrips on soft ground. I remember that the beach patrol used to carry around some to help unstuck idiots on the beach in their FWD buggies, i.e.. Jeeps, that did not know how to handle sand. dry sand and wheels do not mix very well. It is a skill. Btw, Nice “bubble nose” KW in the truck.

Actually, it doesn’t really exist for real, but it’s based on those two buses:
Pegaso 6035 (A spanish bus) –>×675.jpg
Fiat 409 Menarini (An italian bus) –>
Also yeah! The towtruck is based in good part on the good ol’ KW Bullnose ;D

Heh… Robert didn’t think about bringing some of those mats, but he has one good reason! ;D